Overview of Freestyle Skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

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With the 2014 Winter Olympics rapidly approaching, it is no question that everyone is looking forward to their favorite events.  Obviously, mine are in the areas of skiing.  While I have never been a freestyle skier per se, I do know how hard those tricks are and how much athleticism, practice and raw talent it takes to do those ski tricks, let alone do them well.

For the freestyle skiing portion of the Olympic Games, there are ten events in all, meaning there are 5 for men and 5 for women.  In total, 30 medals can be earned across these events, which will be within the time frame of from February 6 to February 21.

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Mogul Skiing in the Olympics

Moguls are one of these events.  Athletes are judged on speed and accuracy as they fly down the course through the moguls and also on how they hit the two jumps in the course.  There are two rounds- the original round and the final round.

Aerials is another one of these events.  Skiers have two jumps in the original qualifying round and they are judged on their takeoff from the the jump, the form they exhibit in their trick off of the jump and how they land they jump.  In each round, the athletes earn points on each jump, and those with the highest combined points for both jumps are the ones that advance.

The half-pipe is within these five events.  Each competitor has two chances to perform on the half pipe which is 234 meters in length and has walls that 6.8 meters high.  Athletes perform as many tricks as possible, as best they can.  The athletes keep the score for their best run at the pipe and those within the top 12 rankings move onto the final round, in which they can win medals.

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Slope Style Olympic Skiing

Slopestyle is an interesting event; somewhat of a simulation of backcountry skiing.  Athletes have two chances to navigate a slope with ledges, jumps, rails and other obstacles as they try to earn points for their skill, technique and speed.  It’s somewhat of a freestyle event, so skiers are allowed to get creative.

Ski Cross is an interesting event in which all skiers ski one qualifying run, and are then divided into groups of fours.  These groups of four race against one another through a course filled with jumps, twists and turns.  The top two skiers of this round move on to compete against one another for medals.

All of these are incredible events that are amazing to watch.  Can’t wait to see this year’s events! To learn more about Olympic freestyle skiing, check out this great article.

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Adventure Travel Ideas for 2014

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As you all know, I am constantly looking for new places to travel, uncharted territory to explore, and new adventure to be had.  As it is the start of 2014, I  have been looking into planning some trips for this year.  I have been doing some research on the internet for some lists of travel opportunities and a recent article caught my attention.  The article details the top trips for adventure travelers in 2014.  The following are just a few that they mentioned that I though sounded interesting.  To learn more, check out the article linked above.

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Kayak the beautiful waters of Antarctica

1.Kayak in Antarctica– As someone who is a fan of cold weather, this trip looks interesting. Not to mention, you get to be in the great outdoors, see some beautiful views that not many are lucky (or brave) enough to ever see, and you might even come across seals, whales and penguins! This trip begins at the Antarctic Peninsula, but you must then take a boat to the Antarctic Circle.  From here, you can camp, kayak across glasslike waters and through icebergs, as well as snowshoe.  Sounds like quite the trip to me!

2. Winboarding & Sandsurfing in Jericoacoara, Brazil- Now, this trip isn’t usually my style, but as one who is always looking to try something new, I feel like I have to at least consider it.  Jericoacoara, better known as Jeri, is a somewhat remote, quiet village along the coast of Northwest Brazil is a relatively undiscovered coastal village in northwestern Brazil. Sandboarding, like snowboarding, is a popular sport there- envision snowboarding but on sand dunes- how wild!  That part is extremely intriguing.  I feel like there’s probably a lot to be seen and explored there, and they also have windsurfing, yoga and horseback riding.  Could be really fun!

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3. Explore the Uncharted Coast of Tanzania- Another warmer-weather opportunity, but my taste for the unknown can get the best of me.  While Tanzania’s wonders, such as  Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti National Park and Lake Tanganyika are huge pulls for tourists, there are still vast expanses of coastline that very few have ever set foot on.   The far, far North is land that may as well be unknown when compared to the Southern areas.  This trop os the only tour offering individuals the opportunity to Kayak this uncharted areas.  According to owner of the company that is facilitating this trip, “If you kayak there you will be one of less than a 1000 [people] who has ever had the opportunity to kayak in this area.”  Now THAT sounds awesome!

These are just a few of the beyond-belief trip opportunities that are out there for 2014.  Hopefully I will get a chance to check out a few of these!

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