Four Great Adventure Destinations

Travel & Leisure just posted their list of top adventure travel destinations for 2014. There are thirty-two in all and include spots all over the world, along with recommended travel packages. Take a look below for a few examples from their list.

Greg Limeberry

Gorgeous Beaches of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Some of the world’s most beautiful and culturally rich areas are often those ravaged by war or political strife. Such has been the case with Sri Lanka, but the island nation is recovering from over 25 years fighting and opening up to travelers from all walks of life. What visitors will discovers is a place with exciting experiential attractions such as leopard tracking, whale-watching and views of mass elephant migrations in Minneriya National Park. Other attractions include eight World Heritage sites, one of which is the fifth-century city of Sigiriya.


Lovers of biking and beer will fall in love with this tour package from Ciclismo Classico. This bike tour will take travellers 326-miles over nine days. Along the way, adventures will see beautiful castles, castles, and of course, breweries offering plenty of opportunities to taste.

Greg Limeberry

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Oceania Expeditions offers an 11-day cultural immersion tour that is dedicated to allowing visitors the opportunity to experience the life of local villagers. Visitors can meet Baining fire-dancers, learn local customs such as tattooing and mat-making, and participate in a pig roast known as a moo-moo feast.


A new adventure package from Duvine Cycling & Adventures offers travellers the best of native flair and luxury. Lasting for six days, visitors will travel by bike for roughly four hours per day to Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains, and stop at Marrakesh’s souk. At night, visitors can relax at Richard Branson’s famous Kasbah Tamadot.  The last night will be spent under a starlit sky in a remote desert oasis.

Find more adventure travel locations at Travel & Leisure.

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