About Greg Limeberry

Greg LimeberryGreg Limeberry is originally from Utica, New York.  Since there were such snowy winters, Greg’s family always was fond of winter sports, such as ice skating, hockey and skiing.  Skiing, however, was always Greg’s number one sport.  He loved skiing and could not get enough of it during the winter months.  Greg Limeberry was on the ski team in high school, although back country skiing was always his favorite.  His family took many ski trips when he was growing up, mainly on the east coast in Vermont.  One winter, Greg Limeberry and his familyt traveled out west to visit some of their extended family, who were also avid skiers. It was during this trip that Greg Limeberry got his first real taste of the incredible ski conditions on the west coast of the United States.  He knew one day that this was where he wanted to live. Greg Limeberry completed high school and attended college, where he played division three hockey and continued to ski.  Upon graduating, he was not exactly sure what he wanted his career path to be, so he decided to move out west, where he had always wanted to live, and ski bum for a year- working at a mountain as a lift attendant or ski instructor for money and the ability to ski consistently for free at an awesome ski resort.  For about a year and a half, Greg Limeberry worked at various mountains, such as Alta, Deer Valley, and Snowbird.  As time went on, Greg Limeberry realized that skiing was all he really wanted to do. He decided to settle down in Utah for good, getting himself a full time job at Snowbird mountain. While at Snowbird, Greg Limeberry decided he wanted to get a bit more serious about his career on the mountain.  He decided to take all of the required courses needed to earn him certification as a ski patrolman with snowbird mountain.  He completed rigorous physical test, EMT training, written classes and more before becoming a member of the ski patrol squad at Snowbird.  Ever since, Greg Limeberry has greatly enjoyed working at such an incredible mountain.  He loves his job because it allows him to what he loves every single day without it feeling like a chore.  He gets to ski some of the most incredible terrain throughout ski season, while being a part of all of the great events that take place on the mountain and helping individuals who may need it. While skiing is Greg Limeberry’s number one passion in life, he also loves to travel.  However, he specifically enjoys adventure travel, trying to incorporate his love for skiing and extreme sports into his trips. Some of his most noteworthy and memorable trips include hiking the Zion Narrows in his home state of Utah, and heli-skiing in Montana.  He makes sure to plan a new trip-at least one trip-every year.  He is looking forward to some great travels this summer, as he hates to travel during ski season! Check back on his blog often to see updates and the latest news from Greg Limeberry. For further info, check out his page here. 


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